Jack Travis

Nathen Fillion


Height: 6’1″ (187cm)
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Marital Status: Single


Jack Travis’ comments are listed in parenthesis for comic relief.
August 24th 1977- Jack Travis is born.(and the world trembled)
Notes- Jack Travis’ single mother died in child birth no known whereabouts for the father. Adopted by rich family.
August 24th 1982 – Jacks 5th birthday. His adopted father gets drunk beats him badly and tells him he only adopted him cause his dick doesn’t work and needed someone to inherit his business. (Well I knew my dick worked even back then asshole.)
1989 – Jack Discovers girls. (Gods gift to man, I’ve leanred a few tricks since then)
1995 – Jack takes Jessica Kinsley to prom. (And I left with Heather Beauregard, Lisa Jennings and her twin sister. . . .sometimes……I think I’m a god. . .)
1995 – Despite his adopted fathers wishes Jacks enpists in the US Army joining programs for sniper and ranger training.(fuck you. Dickhead)
1996 – Jacks Adopted parents die in a tragic car accident on their way to vist him for his birthday.(why did they try driving all that way. . .)
1996 – -Jack inherits his fathers company per his will and leaves the puts his career in the military on hold. (He may have been a drunken fool, but he had to care enough to leave me everything even after everything I did, the least I could do is try and run the business)
1997 – after making a years worth of bad decisions Jack decides to sell the company and invest in another field hes more familiar with (welcome to internet porn)
1998 – missing his life in the military jack hires someone to run his internet sites and rejoins the military. (Once you go gunmetal. . .well you know the rest.)
1999 (currently) – failing to adhere to the codes and regulations of the military’s guidlines Jack Travis is dishonorably discharged from the us military, for disorderly conduct. So for drinking and abusing illegal substances he was banned from the military. (Little whisky and bud never hurt anyone, unles they’re talking about that other thing, the one with that XO’s wife. . . .and then his daughter.. .)
1999 (currently) – after that fiasco Jack takes his earnings over the last three years, sells his house and car and buys “The Bang Bus”
Now its time to party.

Jack Travis

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